Fast Swimming Techniques: How to Streamline

In this video on Fast Swimming Techniques, Gary Hall Sr. talks about how to perform a most efficient¬†streamline. Many Coaches are still teaching the ‘biceps over ears’ method, but at the Race Club we believe in a different streamline that will result in 3 different ways the entire body becomes more streamline. Find out The Race Club way to streamline and you will find that it is not easy but significantly faster. Go back to the basics and learn how to streamline, and learn why we teach this way. Then you will realize how streamlining is not only important in the dive and push off the wall, but how you can use your new and improved streamline in your swimming strokes. Thanks for watching!

5 Responses to Fast Swimming Techniques: How to Streamline

  1. Joe Briggs

    While I am impressed by Mr Hall’s technical analysis, I am even more impressed by his willingness to consider change.

    He is interested in how things should be done but he is even more interested in the reasons why things should be done.

    Joe Briggs, Brisbane, Australia

    • Micaela von Richthofen

      Couldn’t agree more. !

  2. Lori Schmidt

    Wow! Great idea and I agree! Very good video! :)

  3. James E. Rucker III

    I would like for Gary to mention something about the upper torso undulating or not undulating purposely or not purposely while the legs are kicking with the dolphin kick during streamlining. When practicing I have a tendency to want to remain rigid, then at other times I undulate slightly. What is the best technique to get the most from my upper torso during streamlining?

  4. Mini bus

    If you really want to try something different …. Try open hand streamlining. Use by a few, but faster than all other methods . You need to understand functional movement, how the body works best in different arm planes, the ability to put the swimming text book away, and test it out for yourself. One day all swimmers will be doing it. Love the passion from mr hall


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