Fast Swimming Techniques – Freestyle Flip Turn – The Approach

In this Fast Swimming Techniques Video Series, we dissect the Freestyle Flip Turn into 4 parts. The Approach, the Flip, the Pushoff and the Breakout are all equally important to a fast turn. In part 1, Gary Hall Sr. talks about common mistakes made during “the Approach” as well as important swimming drills that can improve your own swim training program and help you get ahead of your competition.

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Fast Freestyle Flip Turn Video Series; Part I: The ApproachPart II: The FlipPart III: The Pushoff and Breakout

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  3. Michelle A

    Thank you so much for these excellent videos! I’m a fairly new Masters swimmer (2 years), who never swam as an age grouper but have set big goals for myself this year (worlds). Your instructions are so clear and concise and give me great direction for what to work on each practice, regardless of the workout. Thanks for sharing your passion!

  4. José A. Medina Hernández

    Exellent video, the race club have a scintific aprouch to swimming, next summer send one of my boys to your swmming camp. I am a retired swimmer, part of the Puerto Rico natinal team in the 80’s. Thank so much.🏊🏻💨

    • Amy Hall

      We look forward to having you and your family at The Race Club!


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