Fast Swimming Techniques – Freestyle Flip Turn – The Flip

In our second part of Fast Swimming Techniques Video Series on the Freestyle Flip Turn, Gary Hall Sr. discusses three common mistakes made during the Flip Turn along with drills that can improve your own swim training program. Learn innovative swimming drills for the Flip Turn and know the proper position of the head, arms and feet. The flip turn is the part of the race where there is the greatest opportunity to gain on your competitors, so take notes!

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12 Responses to Fast Swimming Techniques – Freestyle Flip Turn – The Flip

  1. molinafafa

    Love the tips !! Also the green suit with the Race Club on it !!

  2. lakeswimmer

    So helpful! I tend to add a small dolphin kicks before the flip, does this slow down the turn, Mr. Hall?

  3. Reagan Bleasdell

    I was wondering while using the ‘T’ at the bottom of the pool when do you flip? When your head just passes the ‘T’? Is it better to be closer to the wall or farther from it? I see some in almost a squat position and some barely touching with a toe.

    Thank you!

    • Gary Hall Sr.

      When you begin to make the turn after the T on the bottom depends on your speed going into the wall. The only way to know is to practice it at race speeds. Once you have adjusted to this speed you can turn with confidence without looking up.

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  6. Tapan Kumar Panigrahi

    Yes, I am 100% agree with Legend International coach Garry Hall, to get most effective and appropriate flip tun in freestyle swimmer must advice to approch the wall at race speed, the moment swimmers head cross the “T” quickly tuck the chin and have strong FLIP, yes, it needs practice with swim race speed. perfect practice makes swimmer perfect ,effective and winning Flip turn. for this acyclic skill/ technique one must follow the Law of conservation of Power.

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  8. Dane

    The problem I experience is that I approach the wall and continue accelerating, but by the time I see the t on the bottom of the pool it is a half stroke too late to start my turn and I lose my momentum just trying to prevent myself from becoming so close to the wall that I end up flipping onto the gutter.

    One thought that I have is that my team trains in a short course meters pool, and there is a t at the flags and right before the wall, whereas in meets there typically is only a t just before the wall, and short course meets are in yards, of course. The problem I suspect with this is that in practice I am used to having a feel for where the wall is sooner than I am afforded in meets.

    Either way, how do you recommend I might be able to improve the timing of my flip turn when swimming at top speeds?

    • garyhallsr


      The distance between the end of the T and the wall is supposed to be regulated and the same for meters or yards pools. Unfortunately, the regulations are not always met, which can make the turns quite different. Practice with the regulation correct distance and you will be better off.

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