Fast Swimming Techniques: Butterfly Stroke

In this 2nd of 5 fast swimming techniques videos for Butterfly, we feature Olympic Silver Medalist in the 100 fly Milorad Cavic. Gary Hall Sr. discusses the proper way to engage the underwater pull as well as how to ‘relax’ the arms during the recovery. The initial catch in butterfly is so important to establish a strong underwater pull as the hands never let go of the water. PUlling iwth a high elbow just outside the body line is sometimes counter intuitive to swimmers. Gary Sr. explains why the butterfly stroke requires the strength and efficiency it does. This video features footage from both “Three Styles of Freestyle” and “Life is Worth Swimming” available now in our store. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Coach Rick Amira, USA Swimming Coach

    Great video— Phelps breathes on every stroke as is the trend these days…
    What are your thoughts on breathin?

    • Gary Hall Sr.

      That is a tough one. Phelps has incredible legs and high body position that makes breathing less problematic for frontal drag. For men, I prefer breath on every stroke…if they can keep the shoulders low. For women, many do better with every other…but it is a case by case decision. For side breathers, every stroke..regardless of gender.

  2. Caoch Rick Amira

    Can you make a video to show the differences in sprinter techniques—
    Using Gary Hall, Jr, Roalnd Schoman, and any swimmers with straight arm recovery?

    • Gary Hall Sr.

      It would be a very interesting video. Sprinters use a shoulder driven technique with high stroke rate and elevated body position…as if they are trying to hydroplane. Head must be down, however. Straight arm vs bent arm recovery is also controversial. There are theoretical advantages of straight arm from a physics standpoint….but they are not critical, as we see success both ways. Most bent arm sprinters still recover with high hand position. Some (like Cielo) use one straight and one bent arm on recovery.

  3. Jaro

    When is the 3rd episode coming up?

  4. Denaj

    I’ll be honest, that was a really awkward transition/swimmer introduction and the music didn’t help.

    Great info though!

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