Fast Swimming Techniques: Butterfly Stroke Rate

In this 5th of 5 videos on Fast Swimming Techniques for Butterfly, we take you back to when Head Coach Mike Bottom was training the Race Club athletes for an amazing showcase at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Mike shows us an advanced training technique for Butterfly stroke rate with none other than 2008 Silver Medalist in the 100 fly, Milorad Cavic. There are many different ways to incorporate stroke rate into your swimming training program whether you’re in the pool or not. What are some of your own? Mike Cavic demonstrates some dryland exercises with stretch cords on how to develop a fast stroke rate. An amazing example of how to train for fast swimming outside of the pool. We also see the initial catch in the pool and how important that is to a fast butterfly stroke rate. Mike Bottom is now the current Head Coach of the 2013 NCAA Champs University of Michigan Swimming Team! Go BLUE!

3 Responses to Fast Swimming Techniques: Butterfly Stroke Rate

  1. Henry Maw

    Hi Gary, how do you practise butterfly as a junior and are there any techniques you can practise outside of the gym and the pool. Also, what do you think about during a race.

    • garyhallsr

      I also believe in training short distances of fly…25’s, 50’s and 75’s with short rest, holding stroke rate and strong kick.

  2. garyhallsr

    I believe it is most important in fly to practice at the stroke rate and breathing pattern you want to use in the race. I use fins at least 50 % of time in training and always work the legs hard…two hard down kicks per cycle. Build up the leg muscles in the gym.
    In the race, I like to think of your head position…keeping a low profile, snapping the head down as late as possible to help the second down kick.


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