Fast Swimming Techniques: Butterfly Kick

In this 4th of 5 videos on fast swimming techniques for Butterfly, Gary Hall Sr. of the Race Club talks about the importance of the butterfly kick. Find out the fastest swimming technique for butterfly that utilizes 4 kicks for every stroke cycle. Featuring footage from the new Race Club DVD Life is Worth SwimmingUniversity of Michigan Alumn and Team Captain, Bobby Savulich demonstrates an exemplary butterfly with stunning camera angles. In the short axis stroke of butterfly, it is so important to have a strong and efficient kick. Have you ever heard of a great butterflyer with a mediocre kick?

2 Responses to Fast Swimming Techniques: Butterfly Kick

  1. sanuj

    can you provide us the butterfly drills ?

    • garyhallsr

      We have many drills that focus on different aspects of the butterfly, such as head and body position, stroke rate, kicking etc. You can find some of these drills on our website Swimisode series. Or come to our camps or lessons for more instruction.


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