Fast Swimming Techniques: Butterfly Breathing

More and more world class swimmers are breathing to the side for the Butterfly stroke. In this 3rd part of 5 Fast Swimming Techniques videos on Butterfly, Butterfly Breathing features 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist in the 100 meter butterfly and 6 time Olympian Lars Frolander. Gary Hall Sr. discusses the two different ways of getting the breath during the recovery in Butterfly. There are advantages and disadvantages to each swimming technique of breathing either to the side or to the front. In addition, Gary Sr. explains how to breathe and what is fastest bio-mechanically in the water, whether breathing to the side or front.

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  1. sanuj

    How refreshing to find a blog like this – something a bit different 🙂 I am not a very strong swimmer. My instructor as a child was not very nice and it made me hate swimming. This is actually very helpful!

  2. Albin Benny

    It is give me a excellent improve in my swimming


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