Dry Land Training with Erik Risolvato and Joshua Romany

Take a look into the Race Club’s swim camps where two promising young swimmers Erik Risolvato and Joshua Romany demonstrate many Race Club dryland exercises. Erik went a 22.7 in the 50 meter free to win Junior Nationals. Joshua is only 16 and breaking records in Trinidad and Tobago. See how Erik and Josh demonstrate their dry land training with Coach Gary Hall Sr. These dryland exercises performed are swim specific but also specific for swimmers of their level and age. At The Race Club, we customize strength training and all the disciplines of fast swimming to each unique swimmer. Check out this dryland training program as an example of some of what we advocate at The Race Club.

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  1. Garyhallsr

    These are two of the most talented young swimmers I have had the privilege of working with. Erik is 18 (junior in HS) and 19.6 50 yd free, 22.7 50 m LC free. Joshua (Trinidad) is 16 and goes 50.8 100 m LC free. These are also some of my favorite stretches for shoulder, ankle and back and a few nice strength and speed exercises. What stretches/exercises do you like to do?

    Gary Sr. 

    • John whelan

      Hi Gary, living in the UK and discovered your website on the www – it’s great stuff. My daughter is 11, nearly 12, has just competed well at the county championships (provincial) and qualified for the next level of competition (regional – 1 below national) in a few different events. Coaching and ASA in the UK does seem to concentrate a lot at this age on aerobic work and what I’m after is any advice/pointers you can give to good reference material which will support an all round balanced approach at this age, I.E. number of hours water training/week vs land training, nutrition etc ? Thanks John

  2. Coach Franz

    Good stuff coach. Josh is always better when he returns home having had the benefit of your experience and encouragement.

  3. Garyhalllsr

    Thanks Franz. We love to work with Joshua. He is a champion as an athlete and as a person.

    Gary Sr.

  4. Jimmy007UK

    Interesting video indeed. I am bit worried about time cos I go to gym three times per week with pilates/cardio twice per week so how that dryland fit in? I just wish I joined swim camp but £ problem…

  5. Scofield

    Love this. I’ve done the med ball workout with my swimmers, and we do a variety of different ones with the med ball.

  6. Garyhalllsr

    Medballs are great for a variety of upper body and core exercises. We have them in several weights, both rubber and leather for different uses. They should be a part of all swimmers strength training.

    Gary Sr.

  7. Chanel007

    I agree what Jimmy saying it

  8. Ghoutisam

    All respect to the coach. I wish I can be part of this team. 

    Keep it up. 
    just quick question,
    what is the best way to increase speed? and which part of the body has to work the most??

    I am looking forwards hearing from you,

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