Tristan and Timothy Hartman

“I wish we didn’t have to stop..” Those were the words of my youngest boy after him and his brother had spent this past weekend being coached by the fabulous and fantastic Amy Hall!
The sessions were intense, exciting, fun and highly informative and the boys could feel the difference in their swimming after a very short time of being coached. Amy’s knowledge and experience were very evident and she could advise the boys every step of the way. However, the her greatest ability and gift that she has is her ability to really relate to her swimmers. Her kindness and friendliness and willingness to listen meant a huge amount and ensured that the boys really enjoyed every moment of the sessions. She is a fantastic coach and a fantastic person and we were privileged to benefit from her knowledge and experience.
Thank you Amy!!
Anthony, Timothy and Tristan Hartman, Cape Town, South Africa

Timmy and Tristan Hartman copy

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