Roman Westhoff

Hi Amy,

Roman had an amazing State Championship Meet weekend. He metaled in 8 events. 5 silver and 3 bronze (one medal not pictured). I thought I would share some of his time improvement. Some times listed below were from the previous weekend where he broke 5 meet records, one pool record, and was the High Point winner for the Boys 8 & Under. 
100 FR  -1.72    1:20.59 SCM
50 FR    -1.06     36.99 SCM
25 FR    -.48       17.22 SCM
50 FLY  -4.30    44.21 SCM
25 FLY  -1.24    19.06 SCM
50 BR   -.70       50.60  SCM
50 BK  -2.45     44.63 SCM
We love the video analysis.The one correction that Roman really noticed was the breaking of the wrists (feathering) during his Butterfly and Freestyle. We would have never noticed that without the underwater views. He has really started to focus on pointing the palms down.  Roman has also been visualizing his events before meets and is now doing his anchor. He is ready to work once he gets on the block! He couldn’t have done it without you and your dad! 
Thank you so much! We look forward to visiting the Race Club next summer.
Jennifer Westhoff

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