The Mehoks’ – Family Swim Camp

Amy-Thank you very much for the wonderful week! You, Richard and of course GH Sr. were great hosts and fantastic instructors / coaches.
My girls asked me if we can come back next year…  I said, absolutely.
I thought the way you presented the concepts to the girls was excellent. Considering they are 9, and their attention span is less than that when measured in seconds; they absorbed a lot. In facts they spent the entire ride from Islamorada to the Miami airport telling [their mom] the stories GH Sr told them, every single one – they liked the one about him swimming in the Disneyland pool ;-)
What you guys taught them are fundamentals that will make a difference as the grow into the sport. Thank you.
When I asked the girls what they enjoyed most about the Keys, they said (in priority order), 1) parasailing with Dad, 2) Richard’s Bungee cords and 3) painting coconuts.  For the Race Club to make the top three is a huge accomplishment. Richard should be proud!
Thank you so much for the phenomenal week. I will stay in touch throughout the season.
Btw. I tried Gary’s sets below. But I chickened out my first day back this morning and instead did 20 50s free on a 86 stroke rate with high elbows and head down-made them all (no fins). It was tough especially after a 40 min dry land circuit.
21 point here I come :-)))

All the best,

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