Donna Hodgert – College Swim Coach

HI Amy,
Thanks for checking in. Things are going real well. I am feeling great with my freestyle and swimming about 3 sec. per 100 faster on my repeats.  Fly, I am still working on breathing every stroke and getting that to feel effortless like the free. But overall, feeling great in the water and can’t wait to race this winter at a few meets.
My team is doing well too. I started them off with a lot of work with snorkels and alignment boards because the majority of them are fairly inexperienced. We have great streamlines! I would say, the best in the conference.  There are two swimmers that I struggle with getting their heads down, I can’t get them to put their heads lower in the water to save my life and I have tried everything! Even with video feedback they think their heads are low, but I am not giving up! Overall the team is looking most solid in breast and I love the “hyper streamline”, I am seeing so much progress. As a coach, it is nice to have a formula that works and the Race Club techniques are my “go to” formulas. Last year I jumped around trying so many different things but I am getting much more out the team by sticking to technique theories of drag reduction and coupling motions.
Hope all is well in FL. I miss the outdoor pool!


Donna Hodgert

Head Swim Coach
Aquatics Director
Sweet Briar College

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