Enhanced Camp Experiences

The Campers DVD – Swim Video Analysis

Camper’s price: $600

  • Professional software analysis with Coaches narration
  • High Definition underwater and above water shots
  • Richard Hall Swim Video AnalysisStop action video of your Starts, Turns and Strokes
  • Your personal video files will be downloadable and secure on the internet within approximately  30 days of the shoot
  • College Placement Video is $750 and includes a sit down interview with Gary Hall Sr. edited into video to showcase swimmer’s personality. Video only focuses on the strengths of the swimmer highlighting why the swimmer would be an asset to a college swim team.
  • Email us for a sample analysis video to see what’s it’s like.

Velocity Meter

velocity meterCamper’s price: $1000

For a detailed analysis of stroke techniques, the velocity meter provides the most valuable information. At each point during your stroke cycle, the velocity meter synchronizes your body’s speed, acceleration and deceleration with a high quality video image, providing valuable information about propulsion and frontal drag. We then analyze your strokes, one frame at time, defining which positions are beneficial and which positions are impeding your swimming speed. Only through velocity meter technology are we able to determine with accuracy and precision the best swimming techniques for you.