Scheduled Camp Dates and Rates

Founders Park Swim Pool

The Race Club’s coaches will help you become a more efficient swimmer. There is an AM and a PM session for the dates listed below. We encourage your participation in all of the scheduled sessions for each camp in order to get the most benefit.

The Race Club specializes in coaching swimmers individually anytime of year. If you are seeking private instruction, we offer customized private sessions upon availability.

2017 Technique Training Camp Rates

Register 30 days prior to start of camp for all 8 camp sessions and receive $200 off the camp price. The Regular Price is $1600, early registration for the whole camp is $1400. 
Regular Price – Each AM Camp Session (3 hours) is $250
Regular Price – Each PM Camp Session (2 hours) is $150

2017 Swim Camps
January 13-16 in Coronado, CA
February 17-20 in Islamorada, FL
March 17-20 in Coronado, CA
March 24-27 in Islamorada, FL
April 14-17 in Islamorada, FL
May 26-29 in Coronado, CA
June 16-19 in Islamorada, FL
June 23-26 in Coronado, CA
July 21-24 in Coronado, CA
August 4-7 in Islamorada, FL
August 18-21 in San Diego, CA
September 1-4 in Islamorada, FL
October 6-9 in San Diego, CA
November 10-13 in San Diego, CA
November 21-25 in Islamorada, FL
December 18-21 in Islamorada, FL
December 26-31 in Islamorada, FL
December 27-30 in San Diego, CA

Submit the Registration Form online or Call 310-936-1888 or email to schedule a camp

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