The Race Club Camps

The Race Club Swim Camps are unlike any other swim camps. We cater to each swimmer’s needs and travel schedule. We coach a morning and an afternoon session each day. Each session is 2 hours. Sign up for the sessions you’d like. It takes about 8 sessions to go through the Fundamentals of Fast Swimming, all 4 strokes, starts and turns and the 5 disciplines of the Race Club. Any more than that and we can cover more specifics of what you need. Any less than that and you will still get a lot out of each session.

The Race Club is a methodology of swimming technique that allows the swimmer to improve their technique in a short period of time. Our progression of drills allows the swimmer to feel and hopefully retain what can make them swim faster. The camps are mentally intense because of how much information we cover. Please take notes and video of the coaches. We are focused on providing feedback for each individual swimmer. Each swimmer is different. We look forward to having you join our Race Club family. Email for questions. 

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