The Race Club Camps

The Race Club Swim Camps are unlike any other swim camps.  Sign up for the sessions you’d like during a camp. We recommend to attend all camp and enhanced sessions to gain a comprehensive knowledge to improve your swimming technique. All camps below are open for Registration.

2017 Swim Camps
March 17-20 in Coronado, CA
March 24-27 in Islamorada, FL
April 14-17 in Islamorada, FL
May 26-29 in Coronado, CA
June 16-19 in Islamorada, FL
June 23-26 in Coronado, CA
July 21-24 in Coronado, CA
August 4-7 in Islamorada, FL
August 18-21 in Coronado, CA
September 1-4 in Islamorada, FL
October 6-9 in San Diego, CA
November 10-13 in San Diego, CA
November 21-25 in Islamorada, FL
December 18-21 in Islamorada, FL
December 26-31 in Islamorada, FL
December 27-30 in San Diego, CA



swim camps

Email us to schedule your skype/facetime sessions with our coaches. Each call is about 30 minutes. You can send us video links of you swimming to discuss your technique on the call. Please send the video links from YouTube at least 48 hours in advance of a scheduled call. Or you can just talk on the call and the coach can email you a customized training plan afterwards. With Gary Hall Sr., 1 call is $200, 2 calls are $300, 4 calls are $500, 16 calls are $1800. With Devin Murphy, 4 calls are $350. We email you an invoice to pay online for your choice of calls. Email for questions or to schedule.

The Race Club is a methodology of swimming technique that allows the swimmer to improve their technique in a short period of time. Our progression of drills allows the swimmer to feel and hopefully retain what can make them swim faster. The camps are mentally intense because of how much information we cover. Please take notes and video of the coaches. We are focused on providing feedback for each individual swimmer. Each swimmer is different. We look forward to having you join our Race Club family. Email for questions.