The Race Club Camps

The Race Club Swim Camps are unlike any other swim camps or clinics.  Sign up for the sessions you’d like during a camp. We recommend that swimmers attend all camp sessions to gain a comprehensive knowledge of our methodologies to improve your swimming technique. All camps below are open for registration.


2018 Swim Camps
January 12-15 in Coronado, CA
February 16-19 in Islamorada, FL
March 29-April 1 in Islamorada, FL
April 20-23 in Coronado, CA
April 28-29 in Coronado, CA Starts & Turns Clinic
May 25-28 in Coronado, CA
June 15-18 in Islamorada, FL
June 29-July 2 in Coronado, CA
July 7-8 in Islamorada, FL Starts & Turns Clinic
August 3-6 in Islamorada, FL
August 10-13 in Coronado, CA
August 31-September 3 in Islamorada, FL
August 31-September 3 in Coronado, CA
October 5-8 in Coronado, CA
November 9-12 in Coronado, CA
November 20-24 in Islamorada, FL
December 18-21 in Islamorada, FL
December 26-29 in Islamorada, FL
December 26-29 in Coronado, CA
December 30-January 2, 2019 in Islamorada, FL

Camp Details

We coach a morning and an afternoon session on each scheduled camp day. Morning sessions are 3 hours at $250 per session and afternoon sessions are 2 hours long at $150 per session.

We encourage all campers to attend all eight sessions to gain the full benefit of the The Race Club methodology. If you register for a full camp 30+ days before camp start date, you will receive a $200 discount off the full camp rate. There are no discounts for a 2 day camp. 

Custom Video Analysis

We film both under and above water of you swimming all 4 strokes, starts and turns. We also interview you to get an insight into your swimming history and goals. The footage is then edited into a custom film with voice over analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your swimming. Each video about 12 minutes long and is a great visual analysis tool to refer back to long after your time with us.

Analysis and editing takes about a month and once completed, we will send you a download link for your video. Here is an example of what the video will look like: 

Fee: $600

College Placement Video

This video is similar to the above service with an analysis of your strengths and abilities in swimming and also include an interview with TRC coach highlighting the strengths of your personality for your college application.

Fee: $750

Private Coaching Services
Outside of our swim camps, we offer a range of coaching services on a private basis as well.

Private Sessions

Outside of camp dates, private sessions can be scheduled all year round in Islamorada, FL or Coronado, CA, subject to coach and pool availability. Private sessions are 1 hour and 50 minutes of coaching although we schedule in 2 hour blocks of time. 

Session fees:

Gary Hall Sr.     1 Swimmer           $425
                          2 Swimmers         $625
                          3+ Swimmers       $725  

Devin Murphy    1 Swimmer           $350
or Amy Hall        2 Swimmers         $525
                           3+ Swimmers       $660

Online Coaching

Email us to schedule your Skype/Facetime sessions with our coaches. Each call is approximately 30 minutes. Please send any video or video links from YouTube at least 48 hours in advance of a scheduled call. Otherwise, you can just talk on the call and the coach can email you a customized training plan afterwards. We email you an invoice to pay online for your choice of calls. Email for questions or to schedule.

Gary Hall Sr.     $200 – 1 Call
                         $300 – 2 Calls
                         $500 – 4 Calls
                         $1800 – 16 Calls

Devin Murphy   $200 – 2 Calls
                         $375 – 4 Calls
                         $1400 – 16 Calls

Team Training

The Race Club staff can coach your team while training at a Race Club in Coronado, CA or Islamorada, FL. Groups of 3-10 require one coach. 10+ require two. Sessions are 2 hours each. Email us to sign up.

Gary Hall Sr.        $725 per session
Devin Murphy      $660 per session

Away Clinics

The Race Club clinics include two 2- hour sessions per day of coaching teaching The Race Club methodologies.  The camps can range from 1 day to 5 days or longer.  The number of participants in the camp dictates what the camp will be like as far as individual feedback.  We cover the same material at away camps as we do at our locations. Travel expenses, accommodations and meals for the coach(es) are not included in the below fees.

Coach                                      1 day        2 day    3 day      4 day         5 day    
Gary Hall, Sr.                           $3500      $7000    $10000   $12750     $15,500
Devin Murphy or Amy Hall       $2750      $5500    $8000     $10250     $12500
Race Club Coach                     $2000      $4000    $5750     $7500       $9000