Symbolism within The Race Club Crest

Race Club Crest (medium)

I worked with a designer from Merry Ole … or is it Jolly Ole, England to design the Race Club logo. I was going for something traditional in design, like 1400’s traditional. This is what we came up with.

Remember that The Race Club is not just about sprinting, or about creating the greatest team of swimmers ever assembled. It’s a mentality, an attitude, a lifestyle, a club.

Anyone who wears the Race Club crest will be saying to the world that the racing spirit is alive and well!

Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead! I personally welcome all to be part of The Race Club.

The supporters (dolphins) are added to crests of the noble, the forward facing helmet is also a sign of nobility. The “dolphin” is a heraldic symbol of swiftness. The color red stands for warrior and strength. Blue is for truth and loyalty. The “Sea Griffin” is a creation of our own, though the traditional griffin is a symbol of Gold and valour, on top of wavey lines, a symbol of sea or water.

So this crest doesn’t just look cool – it has a lot of meaning. Everyone that wears it means business – they’re ready to race!

– Gary Hall Jr.