The Race Club offers temporary expert coaching service

Away Camps

The Race Club camps include two,  2 hour sessions per day of coaching and teaching The Race Club methodologies.  The camps can range from 1 day to 5 days or longer and are priced accordingly.  The number of coaches attending depends on the number of participants in the camp.  We cover the same material at away camps as we do in Islamorada.

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Temporary Coaching

Provides you with expert coaching at times when you may need it. For many different reasons, teams or swimmers may find themselves without a coach at a crucial time. Swimming is one sport that demands coaching, and usually, the better the coaching, the better the results.

We have coaches that are highly skilled in five important disciplines of training; swimming (technique and fitness), strength training, mental training, nutrition and recovery. Hiring a Race Club coach is like getting five coaches in one. Whether it is to fill an existing need or strengthen an existing program, our coaches will travel the world to assist you.

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A few Testimonials:

Dallas Area Masters Swim Team :

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Buffalo :

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Lima, Ohio :

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