Interview Eva Fabian and Emily Brunemann

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Gary Hall Sr. sits down with Open Water champs Emily Brunemann and Eva Fabian and discuss the differences between pool and open water swimming. Find out some of the subtle differences that can lead to big results. Only 17 years young, Eva is the 2011 USA Open Water National Champion.

Feature Swim: Lars Frolander


Lars Frolander is a 6 time Olympian for Sweden with a gold medal in the 100 meter fly in 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Lars is known for his most beautiful butterfly stroke, as demonstrated here in this amazing footage. Underwater and above water shots of his butterfly stroke shows his talent for his hold on the water, his low breathing and his strong kick. He was in the Keys April 2011 with his club team, Lass Linkoping and coach Micke Holmertz.

The Lonely Smurfer (Johnny Hawaii) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Secret Tip: Head Position 1of 2


Swimming with proper head position is paramount in Swimming. In this two part series, Gary Hall Sr. explores some drills to not only achieve a proper position of the head but to understand and feel why it is faster. He explains what happens to the body position when the head is too high vs. the proper head position. Try these drills and scull with different head positions to understand what is fastest by reducing drag.

Secret Tip: Head Position 2 of 2


In this second episode on head position, Gary Hall Sr. examines three of America’s best open water swimmers Eva Fabian, Christine Jennings and Alex Meyer. Learn why it is important to keep a proper head position even if you are swimming in open water and how to work on ‘spotting’ correctly in the pool. Keeping your head in alignment with the body is imperative to swimming streamline. See how you don’t want to create a bow wave with your head while swimming. Reducing drag starts with proper head position.

First Wave Open Water Lesson: Entry

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Getting in and out of the water can be a major tool or can be a real liability for people who don’t know how to approach the water. From the beaches of La Jolla San Diego, this is an open water special with First Wave Swim Academy Head Coach, Matt Macedo. He tells us about the entry techniques of open water swimming into the thrashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. There is a valuable lesson in the techniques Matt shares with us. His advice will help you compete faster, save energy and most importantly be safe doing it. Bobby Wurzelbacher (on the left) is getting ready to try out some new techniques that First Wave Coach, Matt Macedo (on the right) has taught him. Matt is now the head coach of the men’s swim team of UC San Diego. GO TRITONS!

Interview: Open Water Coaches Paul Asmuth and Jack Roach

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Gary Hall Sr. sits down with USA Swimming Open Water Coaches Paul Asmuth and Jack Roach and discuss the recent trends in open water swimming including safety and an increasing popularity.

Interview: Lars Frolander


Lars Frolander is a legend. He is a 6 time Olympian and 2000 Sydney Games Gold Medalist in the 100 meter Butterfly. At 36 years old he is Swimming as fast as ever and is about to be on his 6th Olympic team! How does he do it? Find out in this interview as he sits down with Gary Hall Sr. at the Race Club. We are so excited to have Lars train with us in Islamorada. His butterfly stroke is arguably the most beautiful to watch in the world. Lars has represented Sweden in 6 Olympic Games.

Secret Tip: Dryland Exercise


Sabir Muhammad demonstrates some of our favorite Dryland exercises at the Race Club. Learn some of the exercises that have made the Race Club unique and successful in the world of Swimming. Strength training is one of the 5 disciplines of the Race Club. We believe a swimmer has to find the right balance of strength and leanness in order to swim fastest. Having the muscles for power but without too much bulk for drag is the combination to try to achieve. These dryland exercises are swim specific and have been developed over the years. For each swimmer, different dryland programs can be adopted. Boxing, stretch chords, med balls and more will give you the upper and lower body strength to reach your potential.

Interview: Marisa Davila


Marisa Davila is the Director of Teams for Acuatica Nelson Vargas, or ANV. The club is one of the largest and most successful swimming programs in the World. They brought a team of 41 swimmers to Fort Lauderdale to compete at the 2011 Speedo Sectional Championships at the world renowned Swimming Hall of Fame Pool. Gary Hall Sr. speaks spanish in interviewing Marisa to ask her about her program and athletes.

Secret Tip: Core Strength Exercise


Sabir Muhammad demonstrates exercises used at the Race Club to increase core strength. Core strength exercise is the foundation to having a strong and lean shape for swimming fast. Gary Hall Sr. describes these exercises and how they increase strength and speed in the pool. These exercises will help you swim fast and give you great swim workout ideas. Dryland exercises we have developed in strength training programs over the years are swim specific. Outside of the pool, we only want to do exercises that will help us swim faster. Finding the right exercises for each individual swimmer is always a work in progress.