Secret Tip: Legs Stabilizing Force


The third episode of the Secret Tip Leg series is on “Stabilizing Force”.  When we counter rotate the body in swimming as we initiate the pull, the rotation of the body creates a force from our own motion that enables us to get more power out of the pull or distance per stroke. We complete that rotation with our strongest kick of our 6 beat kick. Here are some dryland exercises and drills we use to increase the power with Stabilizing Force.

Interview: David Marsh


Gary Hall Sr. discusses Swimming with World renowned Head Coach of Mecklenburg Aquatic Club David Marsh at the 2011 Plantation Invitational in Plantation Florida. David is coaching an elite squad of Swimmers heading into the Olympic year.

Secret Tip: Legs Lift


The second function of the legs in swimming is Lift. Lift is one of the most forgotten components of swimming yet it is one of the most important ones. We enter our hand into the water and press slightly down in order to get lift in the water on our quest to hydroplane. We often don’t think about the up kick we utilize to do the same thing. The flick of our swim kick and the up kick of the leg provides lift of our bodies to swim higher on the surface of the water in order to swim faster. When we get higher on the surface, we enable ourselves to swim faster powered by the swim kick.

Interview: Dennis Pursley

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Gary Hall Sr. sits down with British Swimming’s Head Coach Dennis Pursley and discusses how British Swimming is shaping up heading into 2012. They also discuss how the facilities are developing for the 2012 London Olympics and the differences between USA, Australia and British Swimming. Dennis has been a Director or Head Coach of each of these countries throughout his career influencing the success of some of the World’s greatest Swimmers.

Secret Tip: Legs Propulsion


We are going to discuss the Legs in Swimming over 4 webisodes. There are 4 functions of the Legs in Swimming. This video is about propulsion and some of our favorite exercises to increase power in kicking. Propulsion is the part of the swim kick that allows us to move forward. When we generate power with our kick, we want to be moving in a forward direction, the fastest way to the end of the pool. With an efficient kick, we use the legs to move forward. With not so much efficiency, water and therefore energy is dispersed from side to side or elsewhere. Legs Propulsion is one function of the kick in our quest to swim fast.

Freestyle Swimming: Picking the Right Technique


Many swimmers use different styles of Freestyle to accomplish the same goal – to swim fast. Choosing which Freestyle to train with can make the difference between being fast and being slow. The question is, how do we choose which Freestyle is right for you? Is there a right freestyle for different races or times during a race? Gary Hall Sr. demonstrates three styles of freestyle swimming. These styles were originally described by Mike Bottom. Gary Sr. talks about each style’s strength and weakness and which style may be the best for you.

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Feature Swim Sabir Muhammad


Sabir Muhammad demonstrates some Yoga moves and his Butterfly and Freestyle stroke. See the interview to learn about Sabir’s swimming career.

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Interview: Sabir Muhammed


Gary Hall Sr. sits down with Sabir Muhammed to discuss life, swimming and technology. Sabir set the American record in the 50 free last year. Sabir is a legend in the Masters community and in the world of technology.

Interview with Mike Bottom (Part 2)


Gary Hall Sr and Mike Bottom discuss everything from performance enhancing drugs in Swimming, life after Swimming, the importance of learning and exercise, and coaching the greatest sprinter of all time Gary Hall Jr. (Part 2 of 2)

The Mental Edge with Dr. Harold Solomon (Episode 2)


In this episode Dr. Solomon again discusses his research with Dr. Gary Hall Sr. From Ted Williams to OJ Simpson different forms of APS are discussed as well as the desires to become famous and the extreme measures people are willing to take to get their 15 seconds. Read more