Interview: Pierre Ruffin


Gary Hall Sr. sits down with Pierre Ruffin who is the Head Coach of Ultimate Swimming in Oak Park, Illinois just outside Chicago. They discuss Coach Pierre’s interesting background.  Pierre shares some of the lessons that he has learned from being raised in a famous orphanage, Boys Town started by Father Flanagan. Coach Pierre along with some of the greatest Swim coaches ever including Don Gambril, Skip Kenney, Sherm Chavoor and Ray Bussard were not swimmers. We were honored to work with Coach Pierre for a week in the Florida Keys. He is truly an inspiration to the Sport of Swimming.

Secret Tip: Dynamic, Static and Proprioceptive Stretching


Learn the differences between dynamic, static and proprioceptive stretching as well as appropriate time to perform each respective stretch in this Secret Tip on stretching. Sabir Muhammad demonstrates some of the most classic stretches used in Swimming. Gary Hall Sr. explains what the different types of stretching are to the swimmer. Understand when to use the 3 different types of stretching for swimming. The timing of stretching whether for a competition, practice or after practice is important to achieving success. Stretching is also an important part of Recovery. Recovery is one oft he 5 disciplines of Race Club swimming.

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Interview: Ryan Lochte


Gary Hall Sr. of the Race Club speaks with Ryan Lochte at the Speedo Sectional meet in Fort Lauderdale, Florida March 17-21, 2011. They discuss everything from bouncing back from knee surgery, the importance of racing and Aaron Piersol’s retirement. Ryan Lochte is a 6 time Olympic Medalist and was a contender for 8 medals at the next Olympics in London. “Listen to Ryan Lochte” – true words of wisdom.

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Interview: Duffy Dillon

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Duffy Dillon is the Director and Head Coach of the Fort Lauderdale Aquatics (FLA). He has overseen the growth of FLA to 5 locations and 600 Swimmers with an outstanding coaching staff that includes Jesse Vasallo, Gainus Wright, Allen Williams and Ian Cross. Anything that has to do with water Duffy helps organize it, from Learn to Swim to Age Group to Post Grads to Masters to Water Polo to Triathlons.

Secret Tip: How to Pull Underwater Drills


If the freestyle underwater pull is a compromise between power and drag, how can we learn to swim with less drag and more speed? Discover our favorite drills for learning how to pull with a high elbow. All different types of sculling allow the swimmer to feel the water and develop a hold on the water. Swimmers of all levels need to practice drills in order to maintain their feel for the water. Small changes in technique and working on these drills will most certainly decrease your drag and increase your speed in the pool.

Interview: Davis Tarwater

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Gary Hall Sr. speaks with World Class 200 Meter Butterflyer, Davis Tarwater. They discuss his comeback with David Marsh at Mecklenburg Aquatic Club and his scholastic journeys at Oxford. Davis has also helped people in Haiti find income for housing.

Secret Tip: How to Pull in Freestyle


The freestyle underwater pull is a compromise between power and drag. In this Secret Tip, we find out why it is more important to reduce drag than it is to increase power during the underwater pull in Freestyle. We show you with underwater and above water footage, how to achieve a most efficient and therefore, fast swimming stroke. As one of our most popular videos, we provide a lot of information in this How to Pull in Freestyle video to help you swim faster.

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Interview Tolliver McHenry

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In this exclusive interview with three time Hall of Famer, Tolliver McHenry we find out what Sport he is most passionate about. Tolliver was a Hall of Fame defensive lineman in the NFL, a Hall of Fame outfielder in the MLB and a Hall of Fame goalie in the NHL. He is the only Athlete to be a Hall of Famer in three Sports and my guess is he will be the last.

Interview: Kim Vandenberg

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Gary Hall Sr. speaks with Olympic Swimmer Kim Vandenberg about her training with Marseille Natation under Head Coach Romain Barnier. Romain is heading up an elite squad of World Class Swimmers in Marseille. Gary and Kim talk about the plans until the trials for the Olympic Games.

Secret Tip: Legs Inertia


This week is about the fourth function of the legs which has to do with the fundamental law of Inertia. Swimmers have to learn how to kick in both directions. The law of inertia states that an object in motion likes to stay in motion. Discover techniques to increase your speed through these dryland and swimming drills.