August 4, 2009

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Hi Bebe,

It is our honour to be associated to a camp organized by The Race Club. Johnathan and Joshua learned a lot and most of all had plenty fun. We were also lucky to have met you, your family as well as the other members of your prestigious club. Thank you for your kind hospitality on Saturday. As President of the local swimming club, Marlins it is my intention to have our club maintain relations with The Race Club.

The boys are anxiously awaiting the CDs. They were back in the pool yesterday practicing all that they learnt. It is out intention, school permitting, to be part of your July 2010 camp.

Kind regards,
John Gonzales
Trinidad/ Tobago

August 3, 2009

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Hi Bebe,

I’m so excited to tell you about how great of a Long Course State Meet Alexa had this weekend. It was the 1st time for her to end up in the top 16 in all of her individual events. I’ll list how she did & what her time drop was from one year ago. The big surprise was that she got a zone cut in her 100 free! She says it is all because of Race Club that her free has gotten so good and now she is finally a sprinter.

100 back: 8th place, 1:12.08 (6 sec drop)
400 IM: 13th place, 5:33.98 (19 sec drop)
200 back: 10th place, 2:34.31 (7 sec drop)
100 free: 13th place, 1:03.41 (5 sec drop)

Thank you for all that you have instilled in Alexa. She has much love and respect for you all!

Pam Resetar

July 21, 2009

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P7140259Dear coach gary,

It was very fun to work with you. Now we know so much about swimming. We all think that you are one of the greatest couches we have ever had. Thanks!

Hana Song   age 9
New York, New York

July 20, 2009

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Hi Bebe,

P7180270I appreciated the fact that Gary thoroughly explained himself to both the campers and parents as to why and what he planned to do each session. Even though the campers in my sessions were at extremely different levels, Gary had a way about him that made the sessions work. It helped that he went over technical skills in progression and each day we would repeat what we did the session before and then learn new skills. Gary would “tweak” us individually to suit our needs.

Gary is impressive as a coach. He has a wealth of knowledge and displays a deep concern for his campers to become the best that they can be. I admire his expertise and his passion for the sport of swimming. The Olympic stories were a treat to hear!

Richard had patience to continue helping us if we had difficulty grasping the skill or skills being taught. He complemented Gary Sr. as his assistant with a gentle hand. Observing him over the course of the week, he has a special gift reaching the younger swimmers.

The swim sessions were a wealth of knowledge and very personal. I loved the progression style of teaching regarding the technical skills. I appreciate the extra help when I asked for it. Read more

June 11, 2009

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Gary exceeded my expectations by far, and more as time passes and I can put his lessons into practice.

Great communication, attention and friendliness.

In my opinion, the sessions have the right amount of theory, technique and training.

Islamorada is a perfect spot for a relaxing break.

My expectations were the will to improve my swimming, but I really didn’t know what I was going to find there. What I feared most was to find someone that would tell me “You swim good, there’s nothing to improve in your stroke”. But I feel as if Gary has corrected important errors in my stroke, and instructed me about dryland conditioning, nutrition and tapering along.

I sincerely can say that my expectations were exceeded.

My favorite part was the technique instruction (swimming and starts) and the drills. My least favorite part was my terrible muscle soreness after the first session of boxing (I nearly was knocked out without being hit once!).

David Llanos

Madrid, Spain


May 25, 2009

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Race Club Success on Dry Land!

Nadia was a beast in her last track meet, she came in 4th in the mile and 2nd in the 2 mile…first time ever running a two mile in a meet finishing it with a 13:52 and she also ran a sprint relay all back to back. We owe her recent burst of competitive spirit and sheer “go for it” attitude to your dad who brought her confidence back when she was down swimming. When she came in fourth and didn’t get a medal at the championship for the mile she was devastated.  She overheard her teammate say she was dropping out of the two mile and she asked her coach if she could take her place. She put her in and told her to just run like the wind (she came within breaking her school record by 2 seconds as a 5th grader). I think the protein supplements are going to help this summer and now that I’m not working everyone is thriving! Can’t wait to come down again.


Colleen Nabhan


Outstanding Camp Experience

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My training camp with The Race Club in the Florida Keys was a fantastic experience from beginning to end.

Booking your camp is very easy; Ms. Hall is very friendly and accommodating. Bebe ‘makes it happen’ – booking dates, suggesting hotels, invoicing and payment – and its fast and convenient.

The cost of the camp is more than justified, considering the (incomparable) nature and quality of the coaching.

Founders Pool is a huge, world class, long course training and racing facility. The pool deck is big and beautiful. The Keys are gorgeous and the people there are cool, laid back and fun.

The coaching and instruction involved essentials from technical, training, racing and psychological perspectives. Read more

April 18, 2009

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Hi Bebe,

We are fresh out of the car and safe and sound at home. Nadia and Lili had a blast! I told your dad and Gary that by mid week I knew Nadia was back with her energy, enthusiasm and confidence. The race club does that to her every time she visits and she is back to her old self again. We all hated to leave but it was good to get back with a day to spare before school is back in session. Since my work is ending in a week we can’t wait to spend more time down south when we have breaks. Not sure if Nadia will make a camp at U of M since it is right around the corner, but we anticipate coming back soon… Again, your dad did an outstanding job it was one of the best camps Nadia has ever done she got everything she wanted out of it and more…the “more” was seeing your dad race in the relay’s with the campers and I have it all on my pictures I’ll send. We’ll also all be voting for him for the Olympic hall of fame. We can’t thank you enough, we love your family and everything you do for everyone. It keeps getting better!

ps…I’m going to buy one of the race club bags in the next few weeks, if you start to get low before I can get back to you do you mind putting one aside? Say hello to everyone!

Our best to all and a very big “thank you”!

Colleen and gang

April 14, 2009

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I’d been meaning to tell you what a great time Amy had at the camp this time around.  She LOVED working with your dad and (as usual) has so much fun with the dryland work-outs. Getting away from the routine grind of practice and being able to focus on technique while outdoors in the sunshine was an awesome experience for her. Isolating her mistake with her breaststroke pull-outs after reviewing the underwater film and then working on correcting that should really pay some dividends.

Also, I thought the time spent talking about supplements, with the parents included, was invaluable.

Thank you once again for keeping Amy’s passion for swimming alive… and giving us an excuse to visit the Keys!

Hope to see you soon.


April 2, 2009

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I think that the thunderbolt and liquid oxygen both helped me a lot at the end of this season. I always felt tired during early morning meets prior to using thunderbolt, but now I am more awake and alert. I also found that the liquid oxygen helped with me endurance, allowing me to compete in four events at maximum effort.