April 11, 2010

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Dear Dr. Hall.

Thank you very much for everything that you taught me in the past few days. I greatly appreciate all the help, time and effort you put into your day to help me progress in my swimming career.

I enjoyed meeting you and I especially welcomed learning different techniques for my strokes.

I also thank you for my U.S.A. vest and blanket. I love my vest very much. I wore my vest to bed the very first day I received it. I also sleep with my U.S.A. blanket. I hope you enjoyed me as a student.

It was a once in a lifetime experience to get coached by an Olympic medalist.

Thank you again,

Audrey Lazar Read more

April 9, 2010

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The kids had a great time at the camp and came away with a wealth of new  swimming knowledge. They can’t wait to come back. Our 3rd little swimmer, Owen, was so excited that Richard gave him an opportunity to swim today; he can’t wait until he is 9 so he can attend camp also. Your father and brother did a wonderful job working with the kids, as parents we were very pleased with the camp also. We look forward to seeing you all again in the near future,

The Mattesons

December 13, 2009

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I did finish the IM on the freeway yesterday. I was thinking about the freeway all the way on the 200. Hit a 3:11 something. Best again, by 15 seconds or so. It was at Hudson, OH, a slower pool for a number of reasons than University of Chicago last weekend. This was the race I was hoping to ace as there are a lot of good 200 IMers in 65-69, and I was hoping to get into the top ten in the event, which I have never cracked. This should do it, but you don’t know until the end of the year.

400 was 6:57. First race yesterday, and I went a little easy to make sure I was not dead for the more important race. At my age this is not a hard race to get into the top ten in. But still about 10 or more seconds better than personal best. The 200 fly today was a style race rather than an all out effort, but the time was still respectable, 3:23.5. Johnston’s 200 record for that is 3:15. In a good pool and feeling better, which I sure wasn’t today, I should be closer. Again though, time was 10 seconds faster.

So all is more than well, and thanks again for a great camp.


I just finished myself off with a week at Gary Hall’s Race Camp, an adventure that I will be writing more about for the Forum. I would unqualifiedly recommend it for anyone wanting a customized tutorial in better, faster swimming and how to get there through psychological, physical, and nutritional preparation.

December 7, 2009

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Let me begin by thanking you profusely. And, I guess you were right. I just did my best time in the 200 meter short course breaststroke by (get this!) 15 seconds and broke the 16 year old state record.  My time was the same as Weidemann’s best this year–3:13. Now I will admit that it was the first time I ever used a tech suit, but I attribute most of it to your great instruction and am ready to go a lot faster. I know a number of things I did wrong in that race including a flat dive. Freshley is still 6 seconds faster, but I’m creeping up on him. And you can use me as a poster child for the Race Camp if you want.

Frank Cody  (69 years young!)

November 9, 2009

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Dear Bebe,

My training camp with The Race Club in the Florida Keys was a fantastic experience from beginning to end.

Booking your camp was very easy; Ms. Hall is very friendly and accommodating.  Bebe ‘makes it happen’ – booking dates, suggesting hotels, invoicing and payment – and it’s fast and convenient.

The cost of the camp is more than justified, considering the (incomparable) nature and quality of the coaching.

Founders Pool is a huge, world class, long course training and racing facility.  The pool deck is big and beautiful.  The Keys are gorgeous and the people there are cool, laid back and fun.

The coaching and instruction involved essentials from technical, training, racing and psychological perspectives.

As regards technique, get your head down and backside up, breathe properly, otherwise reduce drag by getting your elbows high and your hands shallow, rotate your torso to recover, without needless effort and shoulder strain, quickly and efficiently and increase your stroke rate to maintain momentum.  There are a lot of drills that teach, demonstrate and reinforce this basic form. Read more

November 7, 2009

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DSC_0070Hi Mary,

Thank you for your correspondence and the kind words that you have expressed about our kids. As a parent it is always heartening to get positive feedback. Dylan has had a wonderful experience at The Race Club and is bubbling with anticipation of improvements in his performance.


Tracy Carter

Trinidad, Tobago


November 5, 2009

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Coach and Members of The Race Club,

As the parent of Alexander Pantin  and as a professional involved in world wide global logistics for the past 25 years, I think I know a little bit about dealing with children and with dealing with various cultures.

I should like to commend you for the dedication and commitment which I saw by all of your team during the couple of days that I was able to come down to Islamorada this week. I immediately noticed a change in Alexander’s performance and I can only attribute it to the extra tips he gleaned from being at TRC as well as the way in which you are able to motivate these young adults.

I was unable to say too much while being there because I am sensitive to how easily these teens can be embarrassed by simple actions of their parents, but now that I am back home, and given that you will not see this until their last day, I felt compelled to write to you to express my sincere Thanks and Appreciation for the work which you did with these Trinidad swimmers this past week.

May God continue to Bless you in your efforts and with your work with the next generation.

Simon Pantin

October 28, 2009

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Dear Hall Family,

Only one short note to say that last week Vinicius competed in the regional championship (In Brazil we do not have national championship for his age), the most important competition for him in 2009. He got gold in the 100 m freestyle (1:05:01) and silver in the 50 m freestyle (29:15). He was 4th in the 200 m freestyle (2:26:76). His team won gold in both freestyle and medley (Vini did breaststroke because everybody was afraid of swim this stroke) relays. He is sending a big thanks because he used everything that he learnt during his time in the Race Club to achieve such great results. Next year, he goes to his first national championship.


Jose Maria Silva



October 1, 2009

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Richards’ video is awesome!! Thank you Richard for such an amazing movie of Griffin and Sophia. We loved the way you edited it. S&G’s favorites were the reverse on the flip turns and the replay on the finish. And the video on  the diving was amazing – so much fun. We can’t thank you enough for all of the time and effort you put into it. They’ll treasure it forever!

Thanks again and hello to everyone!
The Taylors
New York,  New York

September 14, 2009

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To work with Gary is really unique! All the passion, knowledge and experience and the person he is gives a great feeling of trust! He also shows a permanent drive to go faster in the future and is very open minded about how to do this in combination with his knowledge.

The most important thing about the swim sessions are the basic and more detailed information for the work outs back at home. It is really amazing to see such an impact these sessions have and after every visit Marijn succeeds to improve his strokes. It is not only the strokes but the way of thinking to become a better and more complete swimmer.

Besides the fun with the unique RC drylands, the drylands show how important they are to become a good swimmer.

I think the last World Championships proves the importance of this video! It gives a very good view and routing to improve!! The trainers from Marijns club have seen them and I’ll think and hope it inspire them.

Our expectations were met!! MORE THAN THAT!! SUPER!

One of Marjins’ favorites was the combination from the dryland with swimming, for example, the boxing followed by an all out swim session.

Henk van Zundert

Gastel, Netherlands

University of Miami training camp June,2009