Camper Sydney Matteson

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Dr. Hall and Richard,

I attended your camp in April of 2010. Since I have been to The Race Club, my strokes have greatly improved and I have dropped time in all my events. I have improved the most in my fly and breast stroke. Thanks to your camp I started to side breath on my butterfly and this has helped me tremendously. I dropped 12.45 sec in the 100 fly in long course and 7.66 seconds in the short course. I think side breathing helped me stay low to the water and recover my arms faster. I took your advice and made my breaststroke pull short and fast. This helped me qualify for zones in all 3 breaststroke events. I am now trying to make a sectional cut in my breaststroke. For my freestyle I am keeping my elbow high during my catch and keeping my head down on my turns. It was very hard to do at first but with practice it is now second nature. I am about to start long course season as a 13 year old.

My 10 year old brother Carter also attended and he is doing well too. He hopes to make a zones cut in long course this season.

I am hoping to see you in Buffalo this August. My two brothers (I also have a 8 year old brother) will be there too. Thanks for all you have done for me.

Sydney Matteson

Buffalo, NY

Swimmer – Michaela Sceli

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Gary, Richard & Amy,

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the amazing week I spent with the Race Club. It has been a long time since I have had a coach express his/her belief in me and my abilities, and your support and guidance has motivated me more than ever. The wonderful friendly atmosphere and Race Club spirit will be with me throughout this journey to the Olymics. I am already planning my next trip back to the Race Club to continue working hard and pursuing my dreams. Again, thank you for your motivation, belief and guidance and I look forward to swimming with you soon!

-Michaela Sceli

Swim Camps – Alex Lee

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Dr. Hall

I wanted to thank you personally for the attention and coaching you provided Alex. Alex told me that the instruction that you provided was some the most detailed and helpful information he has ever received. He also mentioned that he received more useful instruction in 2 days than he has been given in a six year period on his club team and two previous swim camps. His two previous swim camp experiences were helpful, but he is now at an age where he seems to absorb the information better. He knows that he has a long road to meet his goal times but was inspired by you, Richard and Nico. Read more

Sectionals – Madison Gendreau

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Nico et al;

Good morning

TRC Camper MadiMadi made “ZONES”at sectionals in three events this past weekend, including her back where she dropped over 3 seconds to 34.48. Her other two events they made zone times on were relays she swam on, including a 200 medley relay she swam back for where her split was in the same ballpark. Her Free Relay split she anchored for would also have been a zone time based on here split. Madi was super excited about her times since this was her secret goal come to find out afterwards, it made it that much more exciting for all of us.

We (she) attribute much of her recent progress to the help she has been getting in FL,. much thanks again for what you do !

Percy Gendreau Read more

New England Age Group Champs – Erin Voss

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Hi Gary,

Erin swam in the New England 12 and under age group champs. She placed 3rd in the 100 free. It was truly amazing. Her seed time was a 58.98, seeding her around 7th or 8th. She swam the prelims in 56.31 and the finals in 55.54. When you saw her in November her best time in the 100 free was around a 1:01.5! By the way, she took nearly 40 seconds off of the 1000 free and 14 seconds off of her 500 free.

Susan Voss

CT Senior State Champs – Jessica Conway

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At finals this evening at CT Senior State Champs Jess placed 3rd in the 100 fly with a time of 57.90 (she just turned 13 in Jan – she was the youngest swimmer to make A Finals and place). She had a huge drop in the 200 free she swam 1.57.17 tonight. I think the technique work paid of – her strokes looked so clean great kicking!!!

Elizabeth Conway

Greetings from Chapel Hill

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Dear Mr. Hall

My name is Griff Helfrich and I had contacted you a couple of summers ago regarding helping out with a camp you were putting on at the University of Miami. We exchanged a couple of emails and talked on the phone, and it ended up that I was unable to attend the camp due to the schedule constraints of my full-time coaching position at the North Carolina Aquatic Club.

Anyway, I am writing to let you know what an inspiration The Race Club is to me in my life and work. The approach to life and athletics you all are teaching and spreading through your work is one I share and which I would similarly like to help spread to athletes of all ages and ability levels around the globe. I am seeking guidance about how to continue to grow and develop as an athlete and coach and I have felt a strong need to let you all at The Race Club know that if there is any way I can be of service to you all in any capacity at all, it would be an honor and a pleasure.

Thanks for your time and have a great day.


August 29, 2010

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Gary was just great and lots of fun to be around, though he remained clearly on command. Please tell him the Conference Meet went well for the boys (Alana did not go).

Seamus cracked 52 in the 100 free (-2.5 seconds), 1 minute in the 100 fly (-3.5 seconds) and his 100 IM was 2 seconds faster. Both of his relays broke the Club record.

Dillon dropped his 100 Back from 1:13 to 1:05 with no start or walls to speak of and Parker’s breast improved. They can’t wait for the season to start.

We all know where this came from, so thanks so much. Can’t wait for the Dartfish videos either.

All of our best to you,
Jeff Appel

The Race Club Buffalo Style

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The Boyd and Dietrich families, our campers from Buffalo, made a surprise video for us. You should all check it out … it’s awesome!

You can read Gary’s lyrics if you want to learn the Race Club song as well.

July 30, 2010

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Hi Gary:

John had to win the 50m backstroke to win the high point title for his age division. His 35.5 in the prelims was his previous best time. Afterwards, I asked him how fast he thought he could swim the 50 back. “Dad”, he said, “That was a dire situation.” I give you credit for getting both boys to raise their stroke rates something they never worked on before, despite their many years of competitive swimming.

Ken Libert Read more