Ali Aly Swim Camp Review

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Amazing!  I love how Gary presents the material, compares its effectiveness to what your child has been doing and explains what makes his techniques better, gives examples of significant swimmers using the techniques and in what setting.  I love how he involves himself in every child’s training, regardless of level and experience.  He does not talk down to the kids, demean, yell, or insult but rather provides the constructive criticism that is so vital to improvement and the desire to improve.  He includes the parents, which is unusual but helps us to support our young swimmers.  His private lessons were outstanding; very targeted.  He “sees everything”.  I also applaud his flexibility to allow those who needed distance practice additional time in the pool.

The family coaches (Amy, Maria, Richard, Gary Sr.) clearly live and breathe the methods and approaches and work almost indiscernibly as a single unit.  I was very pleased to see that the intern coaches were so very well trained and had a good eye to the nuances of each swimmer, and were just as focused whether the swimmer was very young or more experienced.  Everyone was very kind and upbeat.

My son can’t wait to get back there.  The training made a very big positive change in his attitude about swimming and taking his training more seriously.  He says he feels much more confident.  We’ve already seen improvements.  He is not yet consistent, but we feel it is just a matter of time and adapting to the changes.

-Dorothy Aly

swim camp review

Kommy Farahani

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Good Evening Amy:

What a wonderful and fulfilling experience it turned out to be. I was touched beyond description by Gary Hall’s grace and humanity. His most expert advice and gift of teaching will be everlasting. I hope to maintain and strengthen my association with The Race Club in the future. My gratitude also goes to you for your diligent organizational efforts. We are thoroughly grateful for everything.  I will stay in touch.

Kommy F
(Masters swimmer from Ontario, Cananda)

Aaron and Jordan

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Hi Amy,

Aaron got back from Israel (Maccabiah Games) August 1. It was truly a life changing experience for him and my daughter Lauren. He had to adjust his taper a bit, because with the Israel Connect program the first week out there, they were touring all day long with only about a 2,000 meter workout in the morning. As you probably know, it was less than an ideal taper. But Aaron had all PBs. He was able to swim on relays with Garret Weber-Gayle. He lead off the 400 medley and went second on the 400 free with a 52.00. He also got a 2012 Olympic Trial cut time in finals of the 100 back with a 57.46. He was top 8 in all his individual events. His best individually was 4th in the 200 back. Read more

Dr. Michael Block

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Hi Amy,

It was a delightful experience! Perhaps the highlights were the introduction of the High Tech2 fins (which were integral to me experiencing a true shoulder rotation) and the ankle stretch (which has made my overall body position more streamline). This new efficiency has allowed me to take nearly 3 seconds of my 50 meter time (25m pool) already. As you know I love to swim and after the camp and the wonderful instruction and motivation and enjoy it that much more!!!

Thanks to all.

It was great. You guys are the best!!!


(45 years old, from DelRay Beach, FL)

Abby Park

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Gary Hall Jr. with Abby Park

Hi, I’m Abby.

You know, I left on Sunday. You also videotaped me. I only know your email because I saw it on your camera bag. Can you tell me Coach Amy’s email so I can keep in touch? I also emailed you to show you a paragraph I found when I was browsing the internet for information on Gary Hall Jr.

His defiant Olympic success and cocksure public persona — he was fined $5,000 by USA Swimming for wearing a stars-and-stripes boxing robe on the pool deck before his gold-medal race in Athens — made him a hero to diabetics around the globe.

It made me smile. Hahahaha! I am DEFINITELY coming back next year. NO question! I had sooo much fun! Can’t wait to come back to the Keys!

Abby Park
(10 years old)

Alexa Resetar

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Hi Gary.

Just want to let you know how much you helped Alexa in obtaining her goal of swimming for a D-1 College.  The video that you and Richard did of her was the clincher in getting her in good graces with the coach at the College of Charleston in South Carolina.
He loved that you pointed out that she has potential as a collegiate swimmer along with the fact that she is 6 feet tall!

The school and atmosphere is really a perfect match for her and she is really excited to continue her swimming career there.

We think of you all often and hope you’re doing well!

All the best,

Pam Resetar

Sharda Agarwal

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It’s been several days since we came back but barely a few hours pass without us talking about The Race Club. It was truly an unparalleled experience for the kids…and parents! We learnt so much. The passion with which the whole Hall family pursues this sport is simply amazing. I do hope the girls imbibe what they learnt and we are most certain to be back there soon.

Thank you so much for making Islamorda so memorable for us!

Susan McNair

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Hi Amy!

Hope this note finds you well. All well here. Another busy weekend. had a regional short course swim meet today. i think the effects of The Race Club are becoming quite apparent. Just have to share. Maggie dropped 3 seconds on her 200 free…head down, elbows high…a very different look and boy does it work!

The exciting news is she dropped time on her 100 fly from 105.71 to 104.86. Her head was low and neck in that very different postion. She also found out that the Canadian record for 12 year old girls in the 100 fly is 103.68. She has two more chances to swim it before she turns 13. Who knows what will unfold…but she sure is excited and motivated…and very grateful to Gary Hall and The Race Club!

Susan McNair

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Dear Dr Hall, Mary, Amy, Bebe and Richard:

Well, we arrived home safely to a foot of snow, but there has now been a melt and we are having unseasonably warm weather. Trying not to feel too confident….January through March in Ontario can be very wintery!

Maggie and Clara have been back to school for a week now and Edward and I back to work, as well as the resumption of swim practices, so we feel life is back to it’s normal routine. We want to take this chance to formally thank you all for a very wonderful and very welcoming week at The Race Club camp over New Years. Words cannot express how much Maggie and Clara enjoyed it, as did we.

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Stephanie Grandin

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Hi Amy,

Your package for Stephanie arrived here this afternoon and I took it along to Steph’s high school swim meet so that she could open it immediately afterwards. The smile on her face when she saw the 2 caps and the shirt can only be described with one word: priceless :-) … you have no idea how happy you made her!!! I don’t know how to thank you and your dad enough, that was sooooo very nice of you and very unexpected to see the special extras in the package.

After Steph opened her package from you I called my husband and told him about the special gifts you sent to Steph, he said: “special place, special people” … and I think that is the best way to describe you, your family, and your camp.

Thank you very much for making Steph such a happy girl, she will treasure those gifts always.