From Switzerland to Islamorada

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Last summer after graduating from my 4 years of study in Trade and Commerce, I decided to make my dream come true and focus on swimming for at least one year. What I want to find out in this time is, if I can go further in swimming than “only” Swiss National Championships or if I just love this sport and have fun with a couple of workouts a week.

So I began to write Emails to leading swimming clubs all over Europe to find a place I could stay for a while in a professional surrounding with professional workouts. As a fan of Gary Hall Jr., the Race Club was always in my head and on top of my list, but everybody around me told me that I would never be accepted to stay over there. Encouraged by my former American coach, Chris Morgan, and because I always go my own way, I decided to try it anyway. And look where I am now!! Read more

The Fantasy Camp

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For the first time in my life, I went to camp this summer; Swimming camp that is! Now, that may not be a big deal for most kids but for a 52 year old masters swimmer, (who less then 2 years ago was reintroduced back to swimming after 32 years), that’s a big deal.

My swimming career wasn’t much in the first place. I never swam in college and progressed modestly in high school. What made this week even more special and exciting was that I spent it with Gary Hall Jr. – a three time Olympian, and his “Race Club” crew which included another Olympian, Coach – John Olsen and Andy our inspirational strength and fitness coach, Steve our friendly New Zealand helper (and family friend) and the whole Hall family. Read more

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