Alex and Cameron Craft

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Hi Amy.
As our first visit with you at The Race Club comes to a close tomorrow, we want to thank you, Abby and your Dad for the superb training that you have provided to our sons, Alex and Cameron.
They have had the time of their lives, and I simply have to share an experience from this afternoon that Mark and I will never ever forget…nor will Alex.
Your dad worked with the kids on breast stroke this afternoon and although it has always been absolutely Alex’s weakest stroke, Coach Hall got him on track and awakened the breast stroker in our son. After years of thinking he just wasn’t ever going to be very good at the stroke, something clicked, and your dad gave Alex the technical skills and confidence to believe in himself; it was a major “aha” moment and Alex is absolutely on a breast stroke high this evening!
For Mark and I to witness this transformation firsthand, we can only say that we are floored, amazed, impressed, and astounded at Coach Hall’s expertise.
I guess that is why we are here, but I just want to let all of you know that you have met and exceeded our expectations and only wish tomorrow morning was not our last session!!!
Before he went to bed, Alex said that Coach Hall changed his life today and that he really learned a lot  about himself and his sport.
As swim parents, you are undoubtedly aware how much our lives revolve around the pool (we wouldn’t have it any other way). We dearly love our boys and to see Alex and Cameron so happy, proud and confident with their newly learned skill sets, makes us happy beyond belief…..All that, and they had a great time too!!!
With Respect and Gratitude,
Mark and Trish Craft

Alex and Cam Craft

Cade Talley

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Gary and all the Race Club team,

Thank you so much for getting Cade in for a couple quick sessions.  He is inspired and hopefully will put the tools you showed him to use.  They are in their second week of training for this season and working hard.

Judy and I really enjoyed our short visit and can’t wait to find the time to get back for a full week at the Club.  Your hospitality and patience was amazing and we left feeling like part of the family.

You are all passionate and inspiring people and I hope to meet you again soon.

Chris Talley, father of Cade Talley, 16


Maranda Edwards

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Hi Amy,

Our experience at The Race Club swim camp was exceptional in every way.  I knew it would be a great swim camp when I read all the swim blogs and viewed the swimisodes on the website, but when I watched my Age Grouper learn and go, go, go at swim camp, I became even more of a fan.

She was inspired to swim better and faster than she has ever swum before. And it transpired into the post-swim camp arena as well.  Shortly thereafter, at championships, she dropped 1 second off her 50 meter freestyle, 4 seconds off her 100 meter butterfly and 5 seconds from her 100 meter freestyle.  I can’t wait to see what’s next.  You not only inspired my young swimmer, you inspired me as well.

The Race Club swim camp experience is high-quality and first-class ~ from the website, to the registration, the swim camp venue, the equipment, the instruction, all the information and expertise, the invoicing, and the yoga.  The yoga was such a favorite too.  Yoga designed specifically for swimmers and swimmer muscles – young and older, novice and elite.  There is knowledge and depth of understanding threaded throughout and it becomes evident in the outcomes. Being with The Race Club now, is like having an additional swim support network for my swimmer. It is one of the most satisfying and solid swim experiences we have ever encountered.  One which we are excited to continue.

Good swim camps may inspire swimmers, but great swim camps inspire entire families.  This is a great swim camp.

Our sincerest thanks and gratitude!  Daphne & Maranda Edwards, Age 10

Ike and Zeke Erickson

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I just wanted to let you know how much my boys enjoyed the camp, and how much they learned!  They were amazed at all of the knowledge you and your family possess, and really appreciated the objective, and timely feedback they got. Thanks again for everything.  You guys were Awesome! – Todd Erickson, father of Zeke and Ike

Thanks for all the help!! When my dad signed me up for [the camp] I was on the fence of quitting or not but after these days, I remembered why I loved the sport. And that alone was worth it not to mention how much we learned. :) – Zeke Erickson, 21

Alexa Hommen

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Dear Race Club,

Thank you so much for the amazing experience. I had a wonderful time and learned a ton of techniques that will help me earn quicker times. Thank you for teaching me the shoulder driven freestyle, I will drop seconds. Thank you again for teaching me breathing in freestyle too. I absolutely feel as though breaststroke will be my best stroke after the improvement you guys gave me. I hope to come back some time in August and learn butterfly the Race Club way. I dropped five seconds on my PR for freestyle.

Best of wishes,

Alexa Hommen, 11

Lynne Meneses

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The Race Club: What did you think of the swim sessions at camp?masters swimming

Lynne Meneses: They were good. THe pool was great and almost like private. I remember the comments from coaches and will keep them in mind during my swimming workouts. And good to learn the dryland part.

TRC: What did you think of Gary Hall Sr. and the coaches?

LM: He was knowledgeable, professional and communicated well with us. All of you were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Lynne, age 59 from New York

The Mehoks’ – Family Swim Camp

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Amy-Thank you very much for the wonderful week! You, Richard and of course GH Sr. were great hosts and fantastic instructors / coaches.
My girls asked me if we can come back next year…  I said, absolutely.
I thought the way you presented the concepts to the girls was excellent. Considering they are 9, and their attention span is less than that when measured in seconds; they absorbed a lot. In facts they spent the entire ride from Islamorada to the Miami airport telling [their mom] the stories GH Sr told them, every single one – they liked the one about him swimming in the Disneyland pool ;-)
What you guys taught them are fundamentals that will make a difference as the grow into the sport. Thank you.
When I asked the girls what they enjoyed most about the Keys, they said (in priority order), 1) parasailing with Dad, 2) Richard’s Bungee cords and 3) painting coconuts.  For the Race Club to make the top three is a huge accomplishment. Richard should be proud!
Thank you so much for the phenomenal week. I will stay in touch throughout the season.
Btw. I tried Gary’s sets below. But I chickened out my first day back this morning and instead did 20 50s free on a 86 stroke rate with high elbows and head down-made them all (no fins). It was tough especially after a 40 min dry land circuit.
21 point here I come :-)))

All the best,

Coach Nate Chessey North Coast Aquatics

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HI Race Club!

I have to first wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  I also want to thank you for all the videos/lectures you’ve been putting out into our swimming community as they’ve been valuable resources of information, and the application for my kids has been night and day different.

Yours in Swimming,

Nate Chessey

North Coast Aquatics, San Diego, CA

Henric Birrong – German Triathlete

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Hello Mr. Hall Senior,

I am a 50 year old German Triathlete who loves swimming and I want to congratulate you for the best swimming resource I found all around the web. Your explanations and videos are highly understandable and based on great knowledge and years of competitive swimming and practical coaching experience. I learned swimming by self-teaching me and sometimes I’m sad that in my early years I had no experienced coaching and no resources at all to have a serious look at the theory of swimming fast. And even today there is so much junk information for swimming all around the planet, that in worst case you get wrong advices and work completely the wrong way, or waste hours for little gains (f.e. Total Immersion, which completely ignores the absolutely vital high elbow pull!) Hope you continue your articles on the Race Club Website,

All the best,

Henric Birrong

Marco Rivera

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The Race Club: What did you think of Gary Hall Sr.? Marco Rivera

Rick Rivera (Marco’s Dad): It was amazing to observe the knowledge and experience being passed down to the students in such a manner that was easily understandable.

TRC: What did you think of The Race Club coaches and staff?

RR: Everyone was great.  The atmosphere was so relaxing and friendly.  Talk about feeling at home with all of the staff.  Richard was outstanding, the work he does with the athletes was great.

TRC: What did you think of your accommodation?

RR: We made use of our Hilton Honors Points and stayed at the Hampton Inn.  The lodging was great, maybe we will find a place with a kitchen next time.

TRC: Were your expectations of the camp fulfilled?

RR: Our expectations to include our swimmer Marco were fulfilled.  He was allowed to see a new aspect of training, one of which is not readily available to other people.  He was able to see the quality of training, instruction and swimmers that he was surrounded with.  The training, guidance and friendship displayed by Coach Gary and Richard was by far the most rewarding.

TRC: What was your favorite and least favorite part of the camp?

RR: Can’t say we had a least favorable moment.  Marco and ourselves knew what it would entail and expected exactly what we received.  Our favorite was the professionalism but yet home atmosphere you all have during the camp.  The other parents and you all treated us like we were one of you, like if we had been part of your team for years.

TRC: Did you take advantage of private sessions or video analysis during your swim camp?

RR: The private instruction was great.  Richard did an outstanding job with Marco.  He was patient and provided good guidance for him.  The video analysis was great.  Marco came back home and has made it a habit to view it before a swim meet to assure that he does it the TRC way.

-Marco Rivera, 15