The Three Styles of Freestyle

OK. I know you are not supposed to fall in love with your own product, but after watching this newly released Race Club DVD for the third time, I can’t help it. I love this DVD. Let me tell you why.

First, you get to see first hand what one of the world’s leading sprint coaches, Mike Bottom means when he defines the three different ways one needs to use the body to motor down the pool. It was Mike who first coined the term ‘three styles of freestyle’ in a lecture at the ASCA convention last year. If you missed that talk, here is your chance to not only hear it, but also see what he is talking about with some of the fastest swimmers on the planet. And, of course, you will learn when to apply each style of freestyle to your own race.

Next is the photography. This is not the usual underwater video stuff. This is slow motion underwater 16 mm film, converted to DVD, the likes of which has never been seen before. You want to learn how to hold water? Check out Mike Cavic, Nathan Adrian and Gary Jr at 150 frames per second in color! You can count the number of air bubbles on their hands (not too many, by the way). Want to learn how to do the starting dive correctly? How about slow motion shots taken from below and above the water with Agata Korc or George Bovell coming right over the top of the camera. Breathtaking! And there are plenty of other above/below water shots too. Just watching the out-of-the-box dryland routines is worth the price of the DVD.

Besides the technical quality of the DVD, what I really love is that it spares the boring, clinicy stuff. It is 45 minutes of pure entertainment… some of it Florida Keys fun and all of it artistically done. The primary producer is Manny Miranda of NYC who is one of the most respected fashion video producers in New York (check out to see why). The blond guy running out of the house with the stuffed fish at the end is Richard Hall (son #2), the co-producer who did all of the editing plus more.

Finally, I have to say that in my opinion the music makes the DVD, and this one has all ORIGINAL scores! That is right. The music on this DVD has never been released before and was scored by Honest John Odyssey and Obskuria just for the theme of the DVD! Wow. I am trying to think of another swimming DVD that has all original music. Hmmmm.

My hat is off to Manny, Richard, Mike Bottom, Bebe Hall (who shot some of the video) and of course the main players, The Race Club swimmers. Check it out soon!

– Gary Hall, Sr.

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