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Many of you who have been to The Race Club camps have heard the story before. But it is worth telling again.

In 1999, one of the most promising thoroughbred stallions on the racing circuit, Fusaichi Pegasus, sustained an injury to the front elbow at a crucial time in his career. The owner was considering putting the horse to stud and never racing him again. Dr. Doug Herthel, an equine veterinarian in Santa Ynez Valley, California, heard about the injury and offered to help. The owner agreed and allowed Doug to take the horse to try to rehabilitate it. His program included changing nutrition and using Platinum Granular formula, essentially the same ingredients as in the Platinum bar.

Remarkably, a horse that was never supposed to race again, Fusaichi Pegasus came back from the injury to win the Kentucky Derby in 2000. Doug attributes much of that success to changing the horses diet.

About the same time, Doug and his son, Mark, decided to produce Platinum nutritional products for humans. The Race Club World Team in 2000 became one of the first groups to use their products. While Fusaichi Pegasus was preparing to win the Kentucky Derby, we were preparing 13 world-class swimmers for the Olympic Games of Sydney, using Platinum bars and other Platinum products.

Up until our coach, Mike Bottom, who introduced The Race Club to Dr. Herthel, began using Platinum products for our swimmers, workout performances had been mediocre and recovery times very slow.  Once we began to use the Platinum products, we saw an immediate improvement in the quality of workout swims and shortened recovery times. Faster workout times and more good practices helped to build the confidence our swimmers needed for racing. Instead of eating sugar cereal for breakfast, our swimmers began eating one Platinum bar before and after each practice. We stopped our swimmers from going to fast food restaurants and began to provide healthy lunches and recommended healthier dinners. In 2000, our swimmers’ success was similar to Fusaichi Pegasus.

Ten of our thirteen swimmers qualified for their respective Olympic Teams (six were Americans). The American athletes won ten Olympic medals in Sydney, about 1/10th of the total that the USA won during those Olympic Games in all sports combined. A big part of our success was undoubtedly due to the improved nutrition. Of all their products, the Platinum bar was likely the most important one.

Platinum Products

In my opinion, there are two key differences between the Platinum bar and most of the other health/energy bars on the market. First, Platinum bars have a very low glycemic index. Although they provide enough carbohyrdrates for athletes (23 grams), they are not the kind that will seriously elevate the blood sugar. Gary Jr is a type I diabetic who had been diagnosed one year earlier in 1999 and yet he was able to take the Platinum bars effectively without a significant rise in his blood sugar level. He could not do that with most of the other energy bars. Second, the Platinum bar is rich in healthy essential fatty acids, particularly the Omega-3 and Omega-6, and a multitude of vitamins and minerals. The Platinum bar digests quickly and does not leave a bad taste or unsettle the stomach.

Today, I recommend Platinum bars to all swimmers of all ages that attend the Race Club camps. I put all of my fastest swimmers on the product daily. With five good flavors to choose from, chocolate/sunflower seed, cranberry, original, strawberry and blueberry, there is one to suit everybody’s taste. It is a great product to take before and after each practice, on the run when there is no time to stop and eat, or during competition, particularly when the wait period is longer than expected.

I take a Platinum bar every single day and if you want to swim fast, I recommend you do too.

Best in swimming,

Gary Sr.

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