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The Future of the Olympic Athlete

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Swimming is my line of work – only it really doesn’t pay very well.

In 1999 I was told I would never compete at an elite level again because of the diabetes I was diagnosed with. Because I learned to manage the disease that could kill me and because of sponsorship support from diabetes focused companies, I was put in a position that enabled me to win four more Olympic medals and today I remain among the fastest swimmers in the world. Ironically, if it weren’t for diabetes – I wouldn’t be able to continue swimming today.

Most swimmers stop competing because they can no longer financially afford to stay in the sport or their shoulders were blown out by overzealous college and age group coaches. Fact is, all people are physically (barring injury)and mentally stronger at 30 than they are at 20. If swimmers and other athletes are given a chance to swim to an ”older” age they will certainly compete at a higher level. I actually believe that a new crop of champions will blossom. Read more


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