Dolphin Kick Breaststroke with Rebecca Soni

We asked Olympic Gold Medalist, Rebecca Soni what she thought of using dolphin kick breaststroke drill in practice. She shares how she got through some tough workouts and how important it is to feel the water. Reb explains some of the qualities that make strong swimmers in racing and in life.

“Dolphin Kick Breaststroke drill is one of my favorites! For me, the biggest benefit of this drill is being able to work on the timing of the stroke. To me, the timing is the most important variable in this stroke! And there is no better way to work on it than through different drills. When doing this drill, I always like to harness the feeling of falling forward in the stroke. It is this feeling that I chase, both in practice and in competition.
Whenever I think back on my swimming career, there are many memories that come up of workouts, those great workouts, and the not-so-great workouts. But the biggest thing to remember is that even during a rough workout, you are still getting a lot out of it! In fact, I think you are learning more from a workout that doesn’t go so well. You are learning how to deal with challenge, and how to be patient and open and accepting of yourself. These qualities are much more important than having a perfect workout!”


-Reb Soni, 2 time Olympian and 6 time Olympic Medalist

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  2. Ron

    Hi Rebecca,

    I’m a masters swimmer.
    When I swim sprint breaststroke, 50 SCY I feel like I have the strength but my style is terrible (compared to my 100).
    Do you have tips for how to sprint in breaststroke?


  3. Gary Hall Sr.

    Practice flutter kick breaststroke with fins, elevating the shoulders and snapping the upper body and head forward over the top of the water. Gradually, do the same drill faster and faster. Then try to duplicate the motion and stroke rate with breast kick.


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