The Race Club Introduces New Service for High School Swimmers

In case you hadn’t notice the price of college tuitions these days, the value of a college scholarship is skyrocketing. A full athletic scholarship can be worth from $100,000 to over $200,000, depending on the University or College. Yes, earning one can more than make up for all of those morning workouts, club dues and extended weekend swim meets. So when it comes time for your son or daughter to consider this important question, ‘which college do I apply to?’ The Race Club can help.

This past year, two Race Club campers, as a direct result of exposure that they received from coming here, ended up with full college scholarships at the University of Michigan. Congratulations to Andrew Novakoff and Evan Gregg!! They are exceptionally talented swimmers. Yet we have also helped others find the right school that best fits both their athletic and academic needs and level.

There are many schools in Division I, II and III that offer athletic aid. Sometimes, all your child may need is the right introduction to a coach or some good advice about which schools to pursue. But to help even more, TRC has developed a new strategy. We now offer to produce for you a DVD of your child, showing underwater, above water, starts, turns and transitions in all strokes desired. Further, we will help you select the schools and coaches to send the DVD to, along with an introduction. Far better than just a letter with your times on it, the DVD will provide useful information to the coach about your technical skills, attention to details and potential for improvement. The DVD may make the difference between your child or another receiving that athletic aid.

Our familiarity with swimming and college coaches and our respect among coaches will help us to find the right school and program for your child. See our coaching services for consultation and a college placement DVD can help your child get into the college of their choice.

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