The Race Club expands to Coronado, CA for their California Swim Camps

The Race Club, one of the world’s leading organizations teaching advanced swimming techniques, will relocate their California swim camps location from Los Angeles to San Diego beginning July 19th, 2016. The Race Club was responsible for training 53 Olympic swimmers that won 23 Olympic medals over 4 successive Olympic Games from 1996 to 2008. Since then, they have shared their knowledge and expertise by teaching swimming technique and training to swimmers and triathletes of all ages and abilities from around the world attending their camps or private instruction. The Race Club offers the most advanced technology available for improving swimming skills.

Coronado, California is an island in San Diego and home of a United States Naval Base and the west coast training site for the US Navy Seals.  It is a beautiful location surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and San Diego bay. With two Olympic pools within minutes of each other and easy access to many hotels, including the famous Hotel del Coronado, and restaurants, pristine beaches and open water, Coronado is the perfect destination for a Race Club Camp.In addition, just minutes away from Coronado are are several major attractions in the San Diego area including the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, SeaWorld, Legoland and La Jolla. With year round moderate temperatures that have been called the most ‘comfortable climate in America’, the entire family will enjoy their experience in Coronado.

“It is hard to duplicate the beautiful setting and access to Olympic pools that we have in Islamorada, Florida, but we think Coronado will be its equal in California” says Gary Hall Sr., co-founder and Director of The Race Club. “Coronado is as accessible from the west coast of the United States as Islamorada is from the East. Also, with the Race Club’s global market of swimmers, Islamorada is easier to reach from Europe, while Coronado will be easier to reach from Asia. Both locations are easily accessible from Central and South America”.

Dr. Hall will be splitting his time teaching stroke technique between Islamorada and Coronado, but Race Club coaches and the most advanced technology will be available in both locations for camps and private instruction all year long.  Coronado, known for it’s aquatic lifestyle, with a rich tradition of producing outstanding water polo players, has welcomed The Race Club into its community.

The Race Club will be utilizing Coronado High School Brian Bent Memorial Aquatic Center and City of Coronado Aquatics Center pools to conduct private sessions and our California swim camps.



For more information or to register to attend private sessions or camps in Coronado, contact us: P: 310-936-1888

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  1. Kelli Garritano

    How old do you have to be?

    • Mary Hall

      HI Kelli,

      We have swimmers ages 7 and up attend our camps. Please email us for more information.



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